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God Forbid - Determination ©2001 Century Media
1. Dawn Of The Millennia
2. Nothing
3. Broken Promises
4. Divide My Destiny
5. Network
6. WIcked
7. Determination Part I
8. Determination Part II
9. Go Your Own Way
10. God's Last Gift
11. A Reflection Of The Past

If you're going to insist upon doing this newer sort of metal-core, you might as well go about like God Forbid has on their latest, Determination. This five piece outfit from New Jersey offers a sound that is reminiscient of older technical thrash such as Forbidden as well as a healthy slice of a 90s heaviness sensibility, giving the band a fairly dynamic and strong sound. Rather than just simply whip out their book of easy power chords, the two guitarists have a sense of creating dynamics though a variety of riffing and interplay. They are able to both stir up a frenzy of energetic, fast paced mosh oriented sections as well as quieter interludes and groove laden material. Rather than sacrifice good songwriting for the sake of being loud, fast and heavy, God Forbid is able to create some songs that stick to the memory, such as "Divide My Destiny". The one drawback I do have to this band is the rather monotonous roar and rasp of vocalist Byron Davis. With the music often being quite dynamic, it's necessary to mentally relegate his vocals to the background as they don't keep up with what the music is accomplishing at all times. Perhaps it's necessary for them to utilize such vocals in order to achieve some mystical quota of brutality and intensity, but it'd be nice if they weren't always the monotonous buzzing always hovering about the recording. Regardless of that, Determination is definitely a recommended listen for those into heavy metalcore music and stands head and shoulders above many of their current American contemporaries.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 05/2001

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Gone Forever

God Forbid - Gone Forever ©2004 Century Media
1. Force-Fed
2. Antihero
3. Better Days
4. Precious Lie
5. Washed-Out World
6. Living Nightmare
7. Soul Engraved
8. Gone Forever
9. Judge The Blood

Well I'll be damned! A CD! With a pretty cover! And from Century Media, no less! Let's check it out!

I'll be damned again! It's actually a really good CD! Let us give our rabid, thirsty-for-knowledge readers a sense of why that is the case, shall we? Ok.

If you're like me and knew nothing of God Forbid's existence until recently, here's a brief primer: they are a five piece orchestra of fairly imposing and somewhat hairy men who play rather hairy music. Imagine a blend of Biohazardish whatever-core rasp, ber-catchy Gothenburgian guitar riffs, a hefty serving of mid-1990s-style clean harmonized melodic vocals la Haji's Kitchen/Crimeny/Derek Taylor, and you get a very endearing album that just begs to be played, preferably loud, and with your windows open (try "Antihero" or "Precious Lie"). Sure, the individual components have been done before, and God Forbid doesn't pretend to reinvent the wheel. But sock me with a turkey baster if they don't write excellent songs with memorable riffs, welcome alternations between somewhat monotonous rasps and lots of melodic and/or harmonized clean vocals, and tighter-than-uncle-Joe's-wallet breaks and guitar/bass/drum sections, not to mention yummy old-school harmonized geetar solos like the ones your older cousin cranked the stereo for in his Camaro back in the day. The occasional keyboard part adds a touch of distinction to a trs kick-ass record whose only true flaw is its slightly muddy production.

Well done, people. WELL DONE! Now if you'll excuse me, I have a God Forbid album to listen to.

Review by Rog The Frog Billerey-Mosier

Review date: 08/2004

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