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As The Shadows Fall

Godsend - As The Shadows Fall ©1994 Holy Records
1. Slaydream
2. As The Shadows Fall
3. With The Wind Comes The Rain
4. Autumn Leaves
5. Spiritual Lonliness
6. Beyond The Mist Of Memories
7. My Lost Love
8. Walking The Roads Of The Unbeheld
9. Silence Of Time

Okay, so how do you get me to instantly buy your CD at the store? Right...you answered correctly! Get Dan Swanö to sing session vocals and do the production. Godsend, which is essentially the doomy brainchild of Gunder Auden Dragsten, may be benefitted immensely by the help of Edge of Sanity's Dan Swanö and Benny Larsson, but since Gunder handles the songwriting on the album, the ultimate test is still contain within the grooves of the album. And fortunately, Godsend passes with flying colors. Or shades of gray, since this is doom metal we're talking about. Some of the tracks are heavy groovers, such as "Spiritual Lonliness" or "Slaydream". Others, especially "As the Shadows Fall", are extremely slow and dirgey in the vein of early Candlemass. "Walking the Roads of the Unbeheld", however, is light and bouncy, making it stand out from the rest of the gloom (that said, it's a great little song). Dan's deep and mournful vocals, often multilayered and harmonized to maximize the effects, are easily the highlight of the album. Admittedly I'm a softie wherever Dan has his fork in the stew, but this is a fine disc of doom metal that should be checked out.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 08/1998

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