Unmaker Of Worlds

Golgotha - Unmaker Of Worlds ©1992 Progressive International
1. Counter State Directive
2. Unmaker Of Worlds
3. Another Sunny Christmas
4. Raining On Still Waters

Uh-oh. Progressive symphonic metal gone over the top. Chances are this is British. And if not, blame it on lack of pertinent info at my fingertips. In this sprawling four song album (each song is at least nine minute in length), Golgotha constructs humongous, ambitious songs based on very classically based keyboards. The symphonic edge is reminiscient of a prog rock band gone overboard with their Casio. Vocally, there is a hint of Ozzy Osbourne, though there are no sudden breaks in the song where the singer goes "We fuckin' love you, good night!" With music like this that relies on the large keyboard/symphonic arrangements, either you're going to be completely turned off by the cheese factor or you're going to enjoy it because you're secretly a goth at heart. While I prefer my symphonic metal to be a bit more edged - like Therion, for example - Golgotha is still relatively enjoyable.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 04/1999

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