Guyana Punch Line

Maximum Smashism

Guyana Punch Line - Maximum Smashism ©2000 Prank Records
1. Something About Smashism
2. Fairweather Jonestown
3. Speak Softly
4. Crummy Life
5. The Kids Are Pissed
6. Rip Your Heart Out
7. Cliche Culture
8. The Red Sea
9. Papertrail
10. Protect The Fear

Labelled by some as "power violence" and somewhat dwelling in the same out-of-control territory as a Dillinger Escape Plan (a version that hasn't learned how to really quite command authority over their instruments yet), Guyana Punch Line is nothing short of a painful listen that is more grating than it is violent. Keep in mind that screeching toddlers in a restaurant dining room is also grating. Guyana spends the majority of this record going all out, tempo racing to maximum, without giving thought to coherency or devastating songwriting. There's only so much one can do with his instrument when he's playing ultra-aggressively and sometimes aggression is actually lost to the din. That said, the most frustrating part to Guyana is the occasional slower song intros where the guitarist actually demonstrates a keen understanding of left field riffage. That sort of thing suggests the band could be much more interesting were they to harness that type of creativity and stop pandering to the urge to play as fast as possible. But then again, if you have a thing for hardcore punk bands losing their sanity while playing, perhaps you might enjoy Maximum Smashism more than I.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 04/2000

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