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...Again Shall Be

Hades (Norway) - ...Again Shall Be ©1994 Full Moon Productions
1. Pagan Triumph
2. Hecate (Queen Of Hades)
3. The Ecstacy Of Astral Journey
4. An Oath Sworn In Bjorgvin
5. ...Again Shall Be
6. The Spirit Of An Ancient Past
7. Unholy Congregation
8. Glorious Again The Northland Shall Become
9. Be-Witched
10. In The Moonless Sky

Hades from Norway is just so darned cute. They pull off such an invigorating updated version of Viking-era Bathory that you just have to love their little ice filled hearts. They would probably be ultra-lovable if they also wore corpsepaint but they refrained in the pictures.

On ...Again Shall Be, the title must certainly refer to the second coming of Bathory's Twilight of the Gods because Hades soundchecks the atmosphere and sounds of that album throughout, from the loping, slow rhythm nature to the guitar tones and acoustic sprinkles. Fortunately, Hades pulls of their rendition of Bathory quite well, updating it with a bit contemporary Norwegian black metal influence. Vocally, the band is more akin with the screaming done by their compatriots. But throughout, especially in a song like "Glorious Again the Northland Shall Become", Bathory's influence becomes so obvious that you just have to smile. In fact there is a short acoustic break in one of the early songs that is lifted right out of Twilight of the Gods, though I believe the band meant that in earnest homage rather than blatant copycatdom. (Copycatdom? Is that even a word?) The album is fairly long and the songs rumble on for epic lengths, but darn it if they just don't do it right. ...Again Shall Be is not exactly a defining moment in the history of music in the late 20th century, but it is definitely a good time and major recommendation of those who loved the Viking-era Bathory records. You'll feel right at home with these Hades boys.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 03/2000

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The Dawn Of The Dying Sun

Hades (Norway) - The Dawn Of The Dying Sun ©1996 Full Moon Productions
1. The Dawn Of The Dying Sun
2. Awakening Of Kings
3. Apocalyptic Prophecies (the Sign Of Hades)
4. Alone Walkyng
5. Crusade Of The Underworld Hordes
6. The Tale Of A Medieval Empress
7. The Red Sun Mocks My Sadness
8. Pagan Prayer

My biggest gripe with Hades of Norway isn't even musically based. Rather, it has to do with their poor lack of research in choosing a band name. New Jersey's Hades existed nearly a decade before them. There could easily have been a zillion other sinister names to choose from. But did they listen? Nooooo!

Hades of Norway basically is a Bathory epic inspired outfit that takes the general atmosphere and sound of Hammerheart (including the static on the guitars, which is actually kind of a cool production technique) and adds a bit of the modern black metal sound to it. Vocally, Janto sounds little like Quorthon. Instead, he has a very harsh scream that is much closer to Enslaved than Bathory. It is the music that suggests greatly that Hammerheart and to a lesser extent, Blood Fire Death, were favorites of the members of Hades. Each of the long songs move along in that mid-tempo, epic sounding sort of way with slowly strummed guitars, acoustic flourishes, occasional keyboard underscores and sweeping song movements. And regardless of obvious influence, this is pretty snazzy stuff. In my eyes, Hammerheart is a very good anchor for your sound as there is much one can do with the basic ideas behind it. Some of the better tracks include "Crusade of the Underworld Hordes" and "Awakening of Kings". The album is consistent all the way through and flows well. While Hades may indeed be a second tier black metal band, this is still a very worthwhile listen due to the simply solid nature of their music.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 05/1999

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