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The Winds That Sang Of Midgard's Fate

Hagalaz Runedance - The Winds That Sang Of Midgard's Fate ©1998 Elfenblut
1. When The Trees Were Silenced
2. Behold The Passionate Ways Of Nature
4. The Oath He Swore One Wintersday
5. Seidr
6. Das Fest Der Wintersonne (ein Wihnachtslied)
7. A Tale Of Fate (Folksvang Awaits)
8. When The Falcon Flies
9. Serenade Of The Last Wolf
10. Mother Of Times

Though Hagalaz Runedance is as far removed from metal as Tori Amos (though the two artists are hardly similar), the association exists through Elfenblut, which is a subsidiary label of Misanthropy. H.R.'s music is very much folk, comprised of rich female vocals, backwashes of ambient keyboards and chants, tribalistic drumming and various organic instruments. The overall effect is one of moving the listener to another time, as the pagan based lyrics would have it. The harmonies are crafted with a definite care and grace. Though the music is presented through a modern CD format with very solid production, I still feel bathed in a sense of ancient timelessness, as if this were the music my Germanic ancestors might have sung late a night around a fire. Hagalaz Runedance is a very powerful and moving project and something that shall be gracing my ears quite a bit in the future.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 03/1999

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