Hammergun - Texas ©2003 The End Records
1. Intro
2. Let 'er Ride
3. Volumizer
4. Haulin' Ass
5. Sidewinder
6. Godís Country

I listened to and enjoyed this CD a few times before realizing Hammergun (not from Texas) would probably be considered "stoner rock", which is a term I think needs set on fire and then thrown into a toxic lake. What Hammergun does is a fairly familiar approach to "Sab-Rock", which is a much better and more invigorating subgenre term, mostly because I made it up. Hammergun's specialty is big riffs, big distortion and big volume. Texas is a CD that lives up to the its namesake, except with more full sets of teeth and much less humidity. There are moments of drenched distortion that remind me a bit of 5ive, although the majority of the album sticks to a groove laden Sabbath on fuzz approach. Vocalist Adam Sherlock has a voice that is slightly similar to Phil Anselmo, but discards that raging jock with a mohawk machismo that pollutes Pantera.

On the whole, Texas is a great example of a good Sab-rock album done right. It is meant to be played loud enough to scare cars in the far lanes, as well as cause your own car to vibrate.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 04/2004

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