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When Reason Sleeps

Haste - When Reason Sleeps ©2001 Century Media
1. Brand New Opposites
2. Meridian Summer
3. Confessions Of A Lesser Known Saint
4. Off Parting Sound
5. To My Last Breath
6. Engine
7-8. Vicki...Is This A Compromise
9. Binder
10. Calendar Year
11. Matches Under Bridges

Haste is one of the many US metalcore bands that seem to exist to put out angry sounding records that show a lot of foot stomping furious energy but never quite seem to gel as a fully engulfing entity. I recall the band's debut, Pursuit in the Face of Consequence, was a tad better than most of the metalcore bands of similiar ilk, so I was willing to give When Reason Sleeps a fair shot. This is the band's second outing and while competent, I'm hesitant to give it more than a cautionary review. The band has a few things going for it. They are very tight as a unit and able to navigate the treacherous curves of snazzy rhythm changes without really losing the thread of the song. The band also has two vocalists to provide a double pronged attack from the throat. Musically, the band often reminds me of the shortlived dayinthelife... in their guitar textures and feel. What holds me back on this album is that there is a sense of exhaustion that builds as the album wears on. The songs tend to bleed together and the occasional breaks into more dynamic sections are a bit too far and between. Moreover, the high, shrill shrieking vocalist is often just grating. Hearing two guys shout, shriek and bellow with only momentary reprieves of clean singing is a bit much for me. In short, When Reason Sleeps is another album that does show Haste is a hair or two above many of their peers and will appeal to metalcore afficiandos but will fall short of garnering too many new fans outside that base.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 04/2001

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