Hate Fuck Trio

You Know, For Kids

Hate Fuck Trio - You Know, For Kids ©1997 Shaky Records
1. A Lizard Named Muffy
2. Bottle Up
3. (planet Of Apes Shit)
4. Fucked Up Monkeys
5. Henry's X-ray Vision
6. (at The Hop)
7. My Dad's A Fuck'n Alcoholic
8. Boobs A Lot
9. Me & Johnny
10. Double 00's Seven
11. Bob's Lawn Service
12. The O.k. Corral (everything's All Fucked Up At)
13. Kazmerski
14. Sell You Cool
15. Ted's A Fat Ass
16. Fucked Up Monkeys (junky Remix)
17. (grandma Word)

To get things straight, HFT is actually a quartet and unless you want warped kids, I'd ignore the title too. What the Trio really is, however, is Denver CO's best punk hybrid band. They've released a 7" previously (all of the tracks are included here) and toured the west coast along with playing the Warped Tour last summer at Red Rocks. Not bad for a bunch of goof-offs who really had no intention of taking the band anywhere.

You Know, For Kids is full of what made them local cult favorites. Their music is a mix of country picking, offbeat rhythms, punk sensibility, harmonicas, singer/guitarist Sam's high pitched shout, and lyrics all about bad words, alcohol, and James Bond. Hiding behind their naughty image is a group of guys very talented at their instruments. And luckily they can pull off the goofiness. The fact that they aren't afraid to try new things and diversify their sounds makes them stand above the punk scene head and shoulders. Oh, and the fact that they like "Boobs a Lot". Look for this band to continue rising.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 03/1997

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Ol' Blue Eyes Ep

Hate Fuck Trio - Ol' Blue Eyes Ep ©1997 Shaky Records
1. Whole Fucking World On String
2. Frank And Gasoline; "Frankengasoline" (superfuck)
3. Three Hearts In Duchamp's Fountain
4. Fuck The Jellies (south Of The Border)
5. I Get A Kick Out Of You
6. Chicago
7. From Here To Eternity...etc

I can tell you one thing, they're getting wackier and wackier all the time in Denver. The Hate Fuck Trio (dubbed an orchestra for this release) was allowed back into a studio and decided to match Frank Sinatra and analytical philosophy of music. Be assured I can guarantee no other punk band has quite pursued this course of action before. Step aside, Greg Graffin, we have new intellectuals on the block!

But seriously (hold that that thought...there is nothing serious involved with the Trio), this release is a strong progression for this band as they work the big band horns into the mess. Sam's tense high pitched singing actually is taking a very distinct shape of David Bryne as a punker. Most of the music has that lite feel, but you know it's still outside of the norm when Sam interjects the famous F-word into the songs as much as possible. You'll certainly get a kick out of the swing fest "Whole Fucking World on a String". But the band shows their original roots as they have their punk-out in "Frank and Gasoline". These guys can jam when they want.

A marked improvement over their last full length, this EP is a very enticing look at what the boys should be able to accomplish down the road as they are rapidly conquering many new styles without falling into one noticeable trend. Do yourself a favor and check this out.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 12/1997

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