Lili Haydn


Lili Haydn - Lili ©1997 Atlantic
1. Stranger
2. Someday
3. Real
4. Salome
5. Take Somebody Home
6. Faithful One
7. Baby
8. Mama
9. Daddy
10. Wants Deep

Lili Haydn is a talented violinist with a great number of appearances on other people's albums (including albums by Bill Laswell, Porno for Pyros, Tom Petty, Herbie Hancock, Hootie and the Blowfish, Tracy Chapman, etc.). This, her first solo album, is a collection of songs written and composed mostly by Haydn alone, who also sings, plays violin, produces, and handles most of the programming.

The music ranges from introspective ballads to all-out rocking tunes, with a musicianship and arrangements rarely found in pop. While she veers a little too close to cloying on "Take Somebody Home", the album is fairly solid and balanced. The lyrics are very personal and sometimes rather disturbing (the quasi-triptych "Baby", "Mama" and "Daddy").

But what really makes me go back to this CD again and again are the instrumental sections in the songs and the two instrumentals ("Salome" and "Wants Deep"). These two compositions, slightly reminiscent of mid-career King Crimson (and Red in particular) are melodic, exotic, dark and layered, and really show off Haydn's excellent composing, arranging and violin skills.

In short, a good pop album that musically inclined pop-haters would be well advised to track down. Sadly enough, it pops up rather frequently in cheapo bins (at least in the LA area, where Haydn seems to work and perform a good deal), so go out and pick it up, will you?

Review by Rog The Frog Billerey-Mosier

Review date: 09/2000

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