Headstrong - Headstrong ©1997 Self-Released
1. My Creation
2. Sick Of You
3. Hate
4. Power Trip
5. The Closing
6. Fear
7. Colorblind
8. Yella
9. Difference Rules
10. Cush
11. Alone
12. The End

At the local Safeways in Texas, they stock a special brand of cereal called Shredded Pantera. And believe me, it flies off the shelves like that new impotency drug. After a bowl of this complete breakfast, bands will stay crunchy in milk and provide them with all the riffs and yells necessary for a complete musical diet. Without ever having met Headstrong, I know what they had for breakfast the morning they recorded this album. Fortunately, they got the Pantera Cereal with Vulgar Display of Power marshmellows, so it's more entrenched in that sort of groove than some of the newer Pantera. While Pantera fans who can't get enough of this sound should immediately skip to the contact address at the bottom, I will say that even though this band is musically talented, they really should strive for a stronger sense of their own identity and sound. There are quite a few good moments on this disc ("My Creation", "Crush") and the anger and power sounds earnest, but it eventually blended together into a samey sound. I'll have be one of those people who skips that sort of breakfast.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 04/1998

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