The Other Side Of Progress

Headpress - The Other Side Of Progress ©1999 Home-Made-Machinery
1. Hanger 18
2. L.C.D.
3. Medium Rare
4. Accelerate
5. Accelerate (static Head Mix)

Headpress is a standard metal/industrial act hailing from Australia. For quick reference and a memory booster, you could quite easily refer to them as Skrew junior, as they do have some resemblance to the slightly more famous Texan act.

Perhaps it's due to their relative newness (they've only been together since 1997), but Headpress isn't quite up to par in terms of the material they wish to perform. Nearly every single one of their elements comes across as standard issue from the Industrial-Metal Surplus Store. Yes, they use samples from obscure movies (well, I don't keep up on movies for the most part, so maybe I'm just out of the loop). Yes, they use a very heavy guitar riff attack. Yes, they run the vocals through a processor, but unfortunately the singer still comes across as either sedated or simply very bored. The first two songs of the EP, "Hanger 18" (no relation to Megadeth) and "L.C.D.", are far too similar for their own good. The tempos are nearly identical - read: plodding - and the guitar sounds like it is just rehashing the same old riffs over and over. The next song, "Medium Rare", of course offers the sampled voices and then a series of electronic noises before falling right back into the soundalike formula Headpress uses. "Accelerate" is possibly the only song here that actually offers a relatively interesting guitar riff but unfortunately this is not enough to save the CD from mass mediocrity. Bands like Headpress are aggravating in that they hint they could present the goods; unfortunately their creativity seems curtailed and their music comes across as vastly unenthusiastic.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 05/1999

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