Heavy Petting Zoo


Heavy Petting Zoo - NyQuilholic ©1998 Demo
1. Inside Of Me
2. Homo-mechanis
3. Methodic Man
4. Insane Asylum
5. Temptation
6. I Touch Myself
7. Drowning

The thing about most demo tapes is that a lot of them are just sorta "there" in terms of musical attack. Heavy Petting Zoo is an example of what sounds like the foundations for a band, but really isn't there in terms of what it would take to capture the attention of people. Featuring a chunky, rhythmic sound with yelled vocals from bassist Stephanie Thomas, it overall gives one the sense something is missing. Kinda like having the framework to a house but no walls. Thomas's vocals are actually a major offender as they are quite monotonous when she's trapped in Holler Mode and in places like "Insane Asylum" or "Drowning", she has a difficult time holding the tune. On the flip side, their angry-aggresso version of "I Touch Myself" is pretty funny. Overall, I still hear a band in developmental stage who need to expand the sound of the band, especially filling out the vacant holes the basic chunky riffs are leaving.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 01/1999

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