Hellblock 6

Burnin' Doom

Hellblock 6 - Burnin' Doom ©2002 Worldeater Records
1. Cleanse The Sin With Fire
2. Nothin' To Do
3. Limepit
4. Stingray
5. Burnin' Doom
6. Manhunt
7. Fuck Off
8. Drink To Think
9. War Between The Worlds
10. Wasteland

I've always wondered exactly why they call Stoner Rock precisely that. Is it a requirement for the musicians making the music to be stoned? Or does it require audience participation? What if you don't smoke weed? Perhaps they should get rid of that particular association, as it implies that being mentally incapacitated to a degree is required to enjoy the style. And with some bands, that quite possibly is the case.

Anyhow, Hellblock 6 is yet another one of those bands lumped into the style, which may slightly more accurately be called Sab-Rock, since the Black Sabbath influence is probably the most prevelant. And if there's other influences, lazy critics like myself (who spend the entire day thinking up new ways to put down your favorite band...we even have secret decoder rings, clubhouses and babes...lots of babe) aren't going to be bothered to pick them out. Hellblock 6's main stumbling, um, block is their vocal approach, which is a shrill, hoarse shrieking that truly detracts from the music. The music is a fairly punky approach to the style, although with a weak guitar sound and a pretty slovenly feel. Their instrumental, a bouncy, energetic number, is probably my favorite song on the CD, mostly because no one shrieks at me.

In the end, Hellblock 6, like so many other bands, simply wishes they could capture the manic energy and frantic onrush of speed and heavy guitars of Circle the Wagons of Nelson, BC. But that's okay. When you break things down to their essence, everyone who plays stoner rock wishes they were in Circle the Wagons. If you think I'm kidding, you've probably smoked a bit too much of the funny herb today.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 03/2004

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