The Hi-Frequencies

The Hi Frequencies

The Hi-Frequencies - The Hi Frequencies ©2002 Teen Regime Records
1. Clairton Beat
2. To Do
3. I've Got To Know
4. Junior Varsity
5. Wrong Again
6. Eldorado
7. Shaky
8. Peggy Sue Got Married
9. Jerome Green
10. Stranded
11. Riviera
12. Hodad's Revenge
13. You Never Win
14. Corvette Hollow

So apparently the universe runs in cycles and we're doomed to repeat events over and over. Thus, if this theory holds true, bands such as The Hi-Frequencies can be blamed on cycles. We do need to find something to blame this band on. Why not blame the universe?

The Hi-Frequencies are a "retro" band that tries to recapture the sound of thirty or forty years ago. Mixing surf and early rock'n'roll, The Hi-Frequencies even try to create album art that matches the era. One problem: this music lacks bite, particularly taken so far out of context. The band is faithful in their recreations, but frankly they sound like they're turning their amplifiers down to three to keep the folks in the Seniors Home next door pacified. It's far too polite and cloying to have any sort of impact. Maybe the band has done their homework on recapturing the past and maybe I'm simply too much of a curmudgeon to appreciate this sort of thing, but The Hi-Frequencies is a record that has done nothing but redefine drab.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 07/2003

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