Your Everything

Highspire - Your Everything ©2003 Clairecords
1. Until The Lights Go Down
2. Skies You Climb
3. Fade In A Day
4. Portsmouth
5. Shattered
6. See The Lines
7. Sub Par Life, A Brilliant Death
8. Glass In My Mouth
9. No Day Like Today
10. Vesperbell
11. Slowbeat
12. Love Me Or Leave Me
13. Turn For The Worse

The spectre of My Bloody Valentine looms large over the dreampop/shoegazer movement that has seemingly gained a lot of traction over the past few years. Between the echoing despair of Slowdive and the feedback drenchings of My Bloody Valentine, you have a pretty solid blueprint for the perpetually despondent who are too talented to play in emo bands. Highspire is yet another entry into this particular category of music and despite wearing their influences on their collective sleeves, are worth checking out.

Your Everything is a solid record that mixes the feedback and effects laden aspects of dreampop with what boils down to thoroughly edible pop melodies and hooks. Underneath all the window dressing are songs that are easily remembered and enjoyed. The overall sound has that expansive sound many others share, as well as basslines that often provide a solid undercurrent for the music. The vocal melodies are generally the real gem, as they are sublime yet memorable.

While Highspire might not be the most original band to ever gaze down and feel miserable, they're one of the better bands to come along in awhile. Anyone who has an affinity for this particular style will find plenty to enjoy on Your Everything.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 06/2005

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