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Valley Of Misery

Holochaust - Valley Of Misery ©2001 Self-Released
1. Beyond The Violence
2. Valley Of Misery
3. I Wanna Lie

Holochaust is a four piece Finnish band who play a style that covers a lot of ground. Their base sound is very reminiscient of late 80s thrash overlayed with a more contemporary goth feel and rock'n'roll groove to propel it along. This three song demo is a very well recorded and presented work that aptly shows what this band is capable of and more than likely will help them find a label to work with in the process. The three songs are midpaced to slower (the title track), with very crunchy guitar playing that fully reminds me of Bay Area thrash type of an approach. Vocally, lead vocalist Doomer wavers a bit on how he wants to present himself and the lyrics. He has a lower end range and occasionally reminds me of Moonspell without the growls or the overkill and maudlin aspects.

Anyone who cares for a darker form of groovy, thrashing metal should definitely check out Holochaust. According to the band's official website, they will be changing their name due to constant problems with people pegging them as some sort of Nazi band, so stayed tuned for that development as it comes. For the time being, Valley of Misery is a good introduction to the band and hopefully they will continue to create good music in the future.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 07/2001

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