The Hope Conspiracy


The Hope Conspiracy - Endnote ©2002 Equal Vision
1. Departed
2. Defiant Hearts
3. Holocaust
4. Fallen
5. Violent And Gray
6. Just A Lie
7. Distant
8. Three Year Suicide
9. Dreadman
10. Vendetta
11. Fading Signal
12. For Love

The Hope Conspiracy is one of the latest screaming hardcore bands that liberally tinged their music with thrashy riffs and use the art of subtle touches to completely bulldoze over their listeners with aggression and anger. Endnote is the band's second full length release (with a handful of EPs also floating around out there) and over the course of its half hour running time, almost completely sticks to one formula for getting their point across. Like many hardcore illuminaries before them, The Hope Conspiracy seems to rely entirely on the energy of anger to dictate their approach and while the band has plenty of talent, it almost becomes too much of one thing to bear entirely.

What The Hope Conspiracy does well is apply good, solid metalistic riffs to a powerful rhythm base. Their singer approaches his job like a boxer punching the living snot out of a feeble opponent. It's all very relentless, single minded and monolithic. The Hope Conspiracy hasn't shown the art of dynamics, although tracks like "Fading Signal" and "For Love" show the band can develop some songs that don't simply go for the jugular. The guitarists in the band do demonstrate a fledgling ability to weave a good amount of texture into their sound, so that is something that could help The Hope Conspiracy break out of their sonic rut.

Endnote is the kind of album that is impossible to hate because there are more than a few signs of promise on it. The final two songs are excellent starting points for the band to continue from on future records. The band has a good, decent record here with Endnote but one gets the impression their most creative and impressive days are still ahead of them.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 11/2002

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