Human Race

For The Sake Of Your Soul

Human Race - For The Sake Of Your Soul ©1998 Z Records
1. The Web
2. Where Do I Belong
3. Remember When
4. Free Your Mind
5. Them
6. Mothership
7. Into The Light
8. Don't Look Back
9. Lost In The Shadows
10. E20 Expressway

Coming across as a blend of modern 90s rock complete with subtle electronic edges and glam rock of the 80s, Human Race is a band I would recommend to anyone who misses hair rock of yesteryear. The singer has a voice reminiscient of many of those of the era: Don Dokken possibly. (It's been so long since my brother inflicted that music on me that I don't really recall the particular voices anymore.) Luckily the singer avoids piercing high notes and too much dramaticism. The songs are all relatively catchy and listenable, without either being offensive or cutting edge. I almost hear parellels with modern day Helloween, as if that band had slowed down a bit to write rock songs rather than their power metal. In the end, Human Race isn't too terribly bad and if you have any inclination to rock out to the 80s sound, you might want to search out these guys.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 05/1999

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