I Broke My Robot

Tomorrow Does Not Exist

I Broke My Robot - Tomorrow Does Not Exist ©2007 Broken Fader Cartel
1. I'll Be Alone
2. Take Alphacalm as Directed
3. The Afternoon We Tried Suicide
4. Alt_i
5. Rebuild(d8t)
6. Not So Fast, You're Hurting Me
7. Fear, Love and the Endless Suffering
8. Evio_latt
9. Linear_precise
10. The Further Away
11. Tomorrow Does Not Exist
12. Why Did You Have to Make It Hurt?

I Broke My Robot is a cleverly named project in the vein of Venetian Snares, with tinges of Squarepusher lurking at the edges. The Virginia based musician (mysteriously calling himself "Robbie" on his myspace profile) has provided a full album's worth of glitch-ridden mayhem with the manic percussion one expects from anything that gets compared to Venetian Snares. I Broke My Robot tends to hover in more accessible territory than some of the glitchy madmen in the scene, often providing a surreal ambience behind the wild percussion affair. The Robot has plenty of the broken, computer chopped sounds that one finds, though not cranked to an eye-crossing, aneurysm-inducing level of utter pain.

Tomorrow Does Not Exist contains a good mixture of somber to playful melodies and unpredictable breakcore rhythm patterns. The album is creative and engaging, offering quite a bit to fans of the more extreme (yet secretly agreeable) electronic music. It's true that any nerd with a computer and too much time on his hands can come up with credible electronic music, but I Broke My Robot well crafted and elevates itself to the next level. Fans of Venetian Snares (who now are namechecked three times in this review strictly to demonstrate that project's influence on the scene, at least in my mind) and the minimalistic tones of Autechre are highly recommended to seek out Tomorrow Does Not Exist...today.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 04/2009

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