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Idiot Stare - Ghost ©2003 Self-Released
1. Idiot Stare [original]
2. Christ Analogue [bufferfuck]
3. Prophei [dark Star]
4. Penal Colony [unidentidrome]
5. Doll Factory [hex]
6. SMP [busted]
7. Compufonic [hippie Homo Artist Zombie]
8. Jugend Staat [borstal Muted]
9. Inertia [harsh]
10. A Differenent Kind Of Cop [epiphany]
11. Aewire
12. Acidfanatic [boot My System]
13. Universal Magnetic [identity Crisis]
14. World Destruction

Anytime I see the word "remix", I fear the worst. Idiot Stare has proven these fears to be justified with the release of their hour long remix extravaganza. Not only has this industrial dance band from Los Angeles decided to release a bunch of remixes, they've decided that thirteen slightly varying versions of the same song would be a good idea.

Think again, Idiot Stare.

The first track on this CD presents the original version and it's a fairly palatable heavy industrial track given the dancefloor treatment. Competent, semi-melodic...this song isn't too bad. Now give it twelve remixes in a row and this song becomes a nearly intolerable entity. Perhaps Trent Reznor can get away with excessive remix releases, since his drooling fanbase will buy nearly anything with his band name on it. Idiot Stare hasn't exactly gotten to the point where this sort of self indulgence is anything but an excessive abuse of compact disc space. Where perhaps one remix version plus the final extra track, "World Destruction", would have sufficed, Idiot Stare provides us with an hour of essentially the same song wearing only superficial different masks.

I tried to listen to this CD most of the way through and found myself getting highly irritated halfway through. I originally liked "Ghost", but after such excess, I hope I never hear the song again. Moreover, I hope no one ever sends me another remix release ever again.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 02/2004

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