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The Confident Rat

Ignorance - The Confident Rat ©1991 Metal Blade
1. Questions
2. Sean
3. ...It's Never Wrong
4. Momma Hocus
5. Hello & Goodbye
6. The Confident Rat
7. The Garden
8. In My Hands
9. Why
10. Funny

Remember how around 1990-91, there was a sudden fad of interjecting "funk" into metal? For approximately eighteen minutes, various bands around the globe interjected slap bass lines and slightly askew drum rhythms into their music. Infectious Grooves probably were the one shining light of this short lived movement (but unfortunately, they never did come close to equally their debut on later records) while bands like Mordred fumbled around with mediocre attempts to fuse styles together. Meanwhile, over in England, a band called Ignorance hopped onto this train, only to find the line's destination was Obscurity-Ville.

Ignorance was neither funk metal nor thrash, but there were elements of both. Their image was much more colorful than the leather jackets and jeans wearing thrash hordes, but perhaps their brightly colored clothing prevented sullen faced Kreator fans from embracing their considerably upbeat music. It probably didn't help that Ignorance's debut showed up in record stores about the same time heavy metal was about to plummet back into the underground. Either way, The Confident Rat is probably one of those CDs you've seen in the discount bins at your favorite record store over the years but never knew much about, nor cared to.

I won't kid anyone into thinking Ignorance was going to reshape music nor will I suggest this is a grossly overlooked classic. Rather, The Confident Rat is merely a pretty good effort featuring some catchy, energetic tunes with quite a few enjoyable moments. Unlike Mordred, Ignorance seemed like they knew what sound they were going for. They were capable of coming up with good melodies, decent riffs and a solid rhythm section that featured the slappy bassist (naturally). Their singer's youthful voice was probably their major shortcoming, but he isn't a huge detraction either. Ignorance had a better sense of dynamics than most of their contemporaries, which meant the album had a good flow. They even offer up a MASH note to Sean Connery's acting in "Sean".

Although not spectacular, The Confident Rat is surprisingly enjoyable even though it's been close to two decades since it appeared. Given that you can probably find a super cheap copy of this album in a discount bin or on eBay, there's far worse ways to spend three or four dollars. I'm sure you spent more on your Starbucks latte this morning.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 05/2010

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