Immune - 1/f ©1006 Gizeh Records
1. Ask
2. Human
3. Monkey
4. Flux
5. Sum
6. Forever
7. Selling Screen
8. Monatomy
9. ***
10. Consume
11. Questions

Usually the proper music journalistic method for introducing a promising new artist to the world is to inform the reader just where this band hails from, relate an amusing anectdote from their early days jamming in a moldy basement and then explain how this band is going to revolutionize music. If it is all the same with you folks, I think I'm going to forego this route and try something else instead.

Immune's first release, the cryptically title 1/f, will enter the world of non-wanky progressive rock that is currently inhabited by the likes of Dredg. In fact, Dredg is the only artist who remotely sounds like Immune and aside from an obligatory Tool reference, will be the only band I namecheck in this review. 1/f offers a constantly shifting array of moods and dynamics, making it less individual song based and much more album oriented. So listeners, at least those who want to properly get their heads around this CD, will be required to listen in one sitting.

1/f comes recommended as it improves with every listen, like a good album should. The band defies easy classification, but adventurous listeners shouldn't have too many issues getting into the album. At the very least, it's just far enough outside the mainstream to still appeal to alternative rock fans, but can still be demanding enough to provide music snob points.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 04/2006

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