Picture of Impious

Terror Succeeds

Impious - Terror Succeeds ©2001 Black Sun/Century Media
1. Soul Excursion
2. Terror God
3. Retaliation
4. Nuclear Storm Demise
5. The Punishment
6. Dimension Hell
7. Black Death
8. Diseased
9. The Loss Of Life
10. Nightmare Resurrection

Through Century Media's extensive efforts to license and distribute releases from various European labels do we get the latest release from Impious called Terror Succeeds. This band, who has often had associated with The Crown due to session help from members of that outfit, plays a blistering sort of hybrid modern death metal mixed with late 80s thrash tendencies. On a whole, it's an exhausting album showing scant few new ideas from song to song, although small doses can be an energetic romp through blast beat grooves. The production is only slightly squashed, but does allow a fairly clear representation of the music. The bass truly reminds me of older Testament, while riffing often has a Bay Area sort of flair to it given a Swedish Melodic Death Metal treatment. The vocals are mostly low growls with an occasional flirtation with clean singing. The main problem with Terror Succeeds is that once you've heard one or two songs, you've heard every single thing the band has to offer. They might shift up tempos slightly, but that's about as adventurous as they ever get. There are a couple good tracks amongst the repetition: "Dimension Hell" has a memorable guitar line that is reminscient of a more aggressive In Flames. But unless they seriously exert some effort to make themselves stand out from the rest of their brethren, Impious will fall into the forgotten category of "also rans" in the scene.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 07/2001

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