In Aeternum

Past And Present Sins

In Aeternum - Past And Present Sins ©2001 Necropolis
1. Cursed Legions
2. Demon Possession
3. Witches Spell
4. The Arrival Of The Horde
5. The Pale Black Death
6. Black Moon Attraction
7. Defeat Life
8. The Storm Of Triumph
9. Countess Bathory
10. Abigail
11. Wolves Blood (live)
12. Revelation Of Hell (live)
13. Ultimate Warface (live)
14. When The Vultures Left (live)

I hate it when bands blatantly lie to me. In the liner notes for In Aeternum's Past and Present Sins, the band offers a claim that they play "superior black/death metal". After listening to this a few times in order to verify this statement, I have found nothing that would suggest they are better than, say, Immortal, Darkthrone, early Emperor or even those jokers in Graveland. The band also asks that you play this at extreme decibal levels or they will "destroy your pathetic life", which suggests they are keenly aware of their small fanbase's demographics.

Unfortunately, outside of these amusing blips of underground arrogance often common with lesser black or death metal bands, In Aeternum offers very little to interest discriminating fans of the genre. Certainly they do play with great aplomb, vigor and vim, but when your songwriting is very limited, you aren't going to get much further than attitude. This disc compiles various live tracks (which are of barely adequate quality), seven inch recordings as well as a couple obligatory covers (Venom's "Countess Bathory" and King Diamond's "Abigail"), none of which leap out and impress anyone. Their style is a no-frills, coach class, cutrate affair that blends black and death metal efficiently but without the ability to truly offer either subgenre some profound creativity. While truly superior bands are able to transcend, reinvent and create classic records, bands such as In Aeternum offer generic goods from pushcart stands on every street corner. If you have a tendency to embrace lesser known acts simply for underground status and an overwhelming need to surround yourself with mediocrity, In Aeternum may be the band for you.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 11/2001

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