In Thy Dreams

Highest Beauty

In Thy Dreams - Highest Beauty ©2001 WAR Music/Century Media
1. The Highest Beauty
2. Surrealistic Insanity
3. Hatred
4. Spirits Forge
5. Control
6. Selfpity Human
7. Lower Regions
8. Razor-sharp
9. Weeping Twilight
10. Upon Your God<

There is saturation and then there is oversaturation. When it comes to melodic Swedish death metal and the overdone Gothenburg style of metal, one could say it's simply raining twin guitar tandems and raspy vocalists. Unfortunately, when the ground becomes too cluttered with bodies, the scene becomes too crowded and a flood of nameless faces and carcasses. The scene kickstarted and made famous by the likes of Dark Tranquillity, At the Gates and In Flames has become quite the cluster of similar sounding bands and third stringers hoping for their chances to be in the limelight. Some of these bands do achieve some degree of noteriety, such as Soilwork, while many others are doomed to toil away in the vast shadow of their better known peers.

Such is the case of In Thy Dreams. Having been around for a handful of years, this band is the type that plays the style well but does absolutely nothing to make themselves stand apart from the others with any sort of striking singular identity. This is a band who, upon waking up in the morning, should look at themselves in their various shaving mirrors and ask truthfully, "What am I really contributing to the music world? Am I doing anything beyond following down the path others blazed a long time ago? What am I doing that should encourage fans to part with hard earned cash for my album?" I don't believe In Thy Dreams could answer any of these questions with a response that will set them apart. Highest Beauty is a competent release but that's it. It's the type of release that makes listeners feel that the Swedish scene has become cluttered and turn their attenion away to new and exciting ventures in metal. There are a few interesting moments on Highest Beauty but it's such a bland, commonplace record that it'll never catch my attention again after this review is written. An exciting, powerful mindblowing record? Only In Thy Dreams.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 11/2001

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