Bastards Forest

Inbreed - Bastards Forest ©2000 Self-Released
1. Lost Souls Of The Night
2. Bastards Forest
3. Claws Of The Devil
4. Suicide Note In Blood
5. Fuel The Fire
6. Badman
7. Witch Hunt (they Cast You Out)

Although they claim to hail from Texas, Inbreed seemingly hails from a different point in time with their very 1989-flavored thrash metal stylings. Considering their band name and the title of the album, you'd think this would be yet another cookie cutter death metal band but this indeed is not the case and refreshingly so. What you get instead is a trio that obviously spent their time listening to underground metal releases from 1982-1989 and are able to properly play the style without adhering to the ripoff tendencies of other retro-thrash outfits. Their style is a bit more along the lines of the less speedy and more musically ambitious outfits of the era, with a touch of Hallows Eve among others. Singer/bassist Jason Dickinson has a voice that is somewhat able to carry a melody but neither attempts notes that are well above his range or resort to growling his way through verses. The music is fairly inventive, from the crunchy thrash riffing to a more progressive style that allows room for the bass to carry the song, such as the nifty title track. The songs all have different pacings and sound different from one another so it's hard to get terribly bored over the course of the seven tracks. Useless solos, which seemed to be a trademark of 80s metal, are thankfully kept to a minimum here.

While Inbreed tends to aggravate me slightly since I hear a ton of 80s influences whom I cannot quite peg (they're all at the tip of my tongue, but I just can't quite pick out who Inbreed sounds closest to), this is a very solid album that should appeal to fans of an era well past. Write to the band at Inbreed; PO Box 920; Salado TX 76571, if this sort of thing is appealing to your tastes as well.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 01/2001

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