Ecstatic Lethargy

Indesinence - Ecstatic Lethargy ©2003 Demo
1. Sempiternal Vortex
2. Catalepsy
3. Uura

If you like your doom slow, crawling and heavier than most of Jerry Springer's special guests, perhaps this demo of London's Indesinence might be up your alley. This three song demo (well, two songs plus a short intro) offers the style of ponderous, lumbering doom that the likes of Disembowelment offered way back in the days of the dinosaurs. Indesinence eschews any sort of prettiness or color that, say, My Dying Bride offers. The vocals match the slowly played guitar riffs and the tempo generally crawls along like Los Angeles rush hour traffic, only with fewer freeway shootings. That would be just too darned lively. Each of the two main songs presented here lasts well over ten minutes, but thankfully they don't follow the Opeth method of writing long songs where they simply jam a bunch of random parts together. Instead, both songs are fairly cohesive and find movement within.

While this band could probably use some improvements on just expanding overall dynamics and continually push themselves to write songs with very memorable riffs, there is plenty here to recommend Indesinence to doom fanatics, particularly those who think the echoing doom sound of Esoteric is simply yummy. Certainly Indesinence makes early Katatonia sound positively chipper, so you can figure out just how doomy these guys are for yourselves.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 03/2004

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