Kill Whitey!

INĚDK - Kill Whitey! ©2002 Go Kart Records
1. In Decay
2. Rent For Sale
3. You're Late
4. All 41
5. East Coast Rising
6. Sunday Bombs
7. Off The Scope
8. Set-up
9. Kings In Disguise
10. Moonwalk Mafia
11. Rallying Point
12. Crack Squad
13. Start It Up

I'm not certain this here Kill Whitey! CD actually exists or if my imagination is playing tricks on me. Despite playing the CD, or so I believe, in my car, I don't have a single impression of it. There were wisps of sound that indicated this band might be a run of the mill, depressingly mediocre and stagnant semi-melodic punk band. But the memories are all hazy, as if I dreamed the events and was abruptly stirred by the cat, who needed his breakfast.

The problem with INĚDK is that their style is so incredibly commonplace that they would have to write quite possibly the best songs in the history of punk music just to be noticed. INĚDK is competent and has the prerequisite amount of energy and enthusiasm, but their approach is so vanilla, so average, that it may as well not exist in the grand scheme of things. While a bit crustier than the average cutesy pop punk band, INĚDK could easily find themselves on the rosters of Epitaph or Fat Wreck Chords. Heck, they even have the now-dated ska moments, which makes them sound more like the Suicide Machines. But as it stands now, INĚDK fails to make any sort of impression with Kill Whitey! While it certainly isn't horrible enough to make me hate it and thus inspiring bile and vicious slanderous review techniques, it certainly doesn't move me in any other way.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 02/2004

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