Inquisition - Krank ©1996 NSM Records
1. Prelude For The Sick
2. A Tale About An Unattainable Aim
3. Heroes Of The Evening?
4. The Lighthouse Man
5. Noch Nicht Einmal Gelebt
6. Braindead
7. Krank

One of the biggest hazards to record reviewing is when, for some inexplicable reason, you hit a streak of CDs from various bands whose music all blends together. Lately all I seem to have been hearing is doom-death hybrid metal that utilizes oddball keyboards. Inquisition is one such example of a band that could be and should be more interesting, but at this point are treading similar waters as the rest of their brethren. For their own sake I wish they could enhance their invididual parts to create a crushing sound that would be memorable, but as it stands much of Krank comes across as scattered and lacking significant identity. The playing is competent and the production is quite solid, but between the commonplace growled vocals and the less than stellar songwriting, it's really hard to find motivation to put this album on very often. As with labelmates Darkside who arrived in my mailbox at the same time, Inquisition has all the required components to create something magnificent. It's just up to them to put it all together.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 03/1999

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