Internal Bleeding

Alien Breed (1991-2001)

Internal Bleeding - Alien Breed (1991-2001) ©2001 Olympic
1. Alien Breed
2. Anointed In Servitude
3. Conformed To Obscurity
4. Prophet Of The Blasphemies
5. Inhuman Suffering
6. Beyond The Gates Of Tartarus
7. Bespoilment Of Rotting Flesh
8. Ruthless Inhumanity
9. Gutted Human Sacrifice
10. Epoch Of Barbarity
11. Invocation Of Evil
12. Epoch Of Barbarity
13. Genocide
14. Ruthless Inhumanity

Alien Breed is a bit of a career retrospective for the death metal band Internal Bleeding. It is also quite the retrospective as to why I never could stomach the transition from thrash metal to this sort of ultra-brutal (that can also be read as ultra-boring) death metal in the early nineties. This compilation gathers its material from Internal Bleeding's early demos, Invocation of Evil and Perpetual Degradation, as well other unreleased music. And by Alien Breed's end, I am fully vindicated in choosing to never try buying their albums when they originally came out.

Internal Bleeding's style is the sort that was a complete turnoff. Essentially death metal took itself to a place where it focused almost entirely on the low, gutteral, unintelligible vocals, random time changes, and a hodge-podge of riffs. It is obviously anti-groove, anti-hook, anti-memorable stuff. Internal Bleeding took that extreme seriously and all this early material is stuck in one mindset. It's unfortunate that it takes the band over forty minutes to show off their singular musical focus. You literally can encompass everything Internal Bleeding has to offer in the first minute and a half of the album's opener, "Alien Breed". The rest of the CD is just repetition without any nod to nuance or dynamic growth. This music was stillborn on arrival.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 03/2004

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