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On The Edge

Iron Fire - On The Edge ©2001 T&T/Noise
1. Eternal Damnation
2. The End Of It All
3. Prince Of Agony
4. On The Edge
5. Into The Abyss
6. Thunderspirit
7. Wanted Man
8. Lost N' Alone
9. Forever Evil
10. Here And Alive
11. Miracle
12. The Price Of Blood

In the bio sheet that came with this CD, mention was made of the fact that Denmark's Iron Fire are huge fans of Helloween. Let me assure you that it takes significantly less detective skills than Sherlock Holmes possessed in order to figure out. The band, which is lead by singer/songwriter Martin Steene, has obviously spent their years growing up with the likes of Gamma Ray and Helloween and their own resulting work is so heavily steeped in influence from those two bands that they sound like a farm club. You know that if, during a highly tricky stage move, a member of Gamma Ray had an injury, one of the guys from Iron Fire would be rushing out of the bullpen, all set to take over. I know that it's one thing to be influenced by bands you love, but there's a point where you must develop your own sound.

However, I will credit Iron Fire for at least putting together a dozen songs that are well written and well played, although they sound like a mix between mid 90s Gamma Ray, a touch of Iron Savior and Helloween. Not exactly the broadest of landscapes. The one weak point of the band is, ironically, Steene. Imagine Kai Hansen's singing from the early days of Helloween. Now imagine it being a little less tuneful and more nasally. Steene might benefit greatly from some voice coaching as on the slower numbers, such as "Miracle" or "Lost n' Alone", it is very tedious to sit through his singing. However, for those who truly love this style and can't get enough, the music is solid and well played by the band. The production is top notch, courtesy of Tommy Hansen, who produced some band called Helloween at one point. So anyone who does care for this German sound should possibly investigate Iron Fire. Just keep in mind that true originality is not going to exist on this disc anywhere.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 04/2001

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