Iron Savior


Iron Savior - Unification ©1999 Noise
1. Coming Home
2. Starborn
3. Deadly Sleep
4. Forces Of Rage
5. Captain's Log
6. Brothers (of The Past)
7. Eye To Eye
8. Mind Over Matter
9. Prisoner Of The Void
10. The Battle
11. Unchained
12. Forevermore
13. Gorgar (vers. '98)
14. Neon Knights
15. Dragonslayer

Just in case you are out of the loop entirely on this side project (one which is theoretically a serious full time band as well), Iron Savior is a reunion of sorts between longtime chums Kai Hansen (Gamma Ray and ex-Helloween) and Piet Sielck (who apparently was in a very early incarnation of Helloween). So what kind of product do you think these two chaps might come up with? Could it possibly be something that sounds like...Gamma Ray and/or Helloween?

One thing you can count on in power metal is the consistency. These bands have been pursuing this style for over fifteen years and aside from the obvious improvement in skill over the years, the music is still essentially the same. I suppose if you're a power metal fanatic, this has to be a vast source of inner security knowing that in this uncertain world that some things will never change. But if you're accustomed to music that is at least mildly challenging, Iron Savior might be a source of irritation. Don't get me wrong. Iron Savior does the sound remarkably well and Piet's vocals are very good. He doesn't try to hit the highest possible octaves at every turn, which is very much appreciated by this pair of ears. But the incessant gang choirs, double bass drum rhythm patterns, predictable solos and rhythms on guitar...c'mon, we've heard it all before many times. It's apparent that these boys love this style to death and will write songs till death in the vein. For some mysterious reason I would think Kai Hansen would use this side band to maybe try something at least marginally different than his regular day job. But what do I know? In the end, the followers of this genre are going to get my recommendation to check out Iron Savior because it is done with finesse and grace. However, for those who think most power metal is repetitive and derivative of one another, Unification will only further that belief. You know where you stand. Make your choice based on that.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 10/1999

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