Jadis - Fanatic ©2003 InsideOut Music
1. The Great Outside
2. Into Temptation
3. Each & Everyday
4. I Never Noticed
5. Fanatic
6. Yourself Alone
7. Take These Words
8. What Kind Of Reason
9. Who Can We Be Sure Of

I sincerely hope I never become so disenchanted with rock music that I start to find bands like Jadis appealing. At that point, I might as well settle into a career selling carpet, buy trousers with a stretchable waistband, and purchase a Volvo. It would be very sensible, safe and particularly dull. I would certainly have no more use for more exciting music as it would not fit into my lifestyle one bit. Who needs to be challenged by their music when there is a front lawn to tend?

For those who insist upon actually reading reviews that deal with the actual music, we'll give the quick rundown on Jadis. They play that sort of "progressive" music that features excellent musicianship and loads of entirely dull music. There. That's all you detail craving nuts need to know. Jadis represents rock's attempt to infiltrate elevators everywhere and present very innocuous music to lull listeners into complacency. Perhaps at that point, you won't notice the members of Jadis sneaking about and taking your valuables. That perhaps could be their evil plot! And that would explain why they play this sort of music! You know, you best lock your doors and shutter your windows if you insist upon playing Fanatic. Otherwise there may be a visit by the men of Jadis, all dressed in cat burglary clothing.

Oh, I probably should mention here I think this album is a tedious, lite adult rock affair that utterly fails to move me in any way.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 03/2004

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