Jekyll & Hyde

Heavenly Creatures

Jekyll & Hyde - Heavenly Creatures ©1998 Z Records
1. Breaking The Silence
2. I Am
3. King Of Pain
4. In Your Dreams
5. Jekyll & Hyde
6. Peace Child
7. Holy Ground
8. Blood On My Hands
9. Point Of No Return
10. Legends Of The Fall
11. Everlasting
12. Last Time
13. Ten Years Gone

Manowar used to tell interviewers that they beat up posers and glamsters. After suffering through Jekyll & Hyde's regression into bad Guns'n'Roses-meets-Hair Guitarist, I see the need for Joey DeMaio and Co. to search out the clubs for bands such as this. Sure, J&H do attempt sounding somewhat contemporary but having a distorted guitar doesn't mean you'll actually impress anyone. Does anyone really want to hear Jakob Samuel sound similiar to Axl Rose yet lacking the charisma? Does anyone want to hear limp songs that at best, throw one back to 80s nausea? No? Time to sic Manowar's fans on these people.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 05/1999

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