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1. Intro
2. Bizarre Noise
3. Aggressive
4. In Memory
5. Hardwire
6. Hold Your Head Up
7. Charlie Brownstone
8. Harlan's Nightmare
9. Back From The Past
10. 7/8 Solution
11. Joe's Tune
12. L.H.A.

Around 1991, John Connelly saw fit to take a break from Nuclear Assault and release a low profile solo record under the name John Connelly Theory. We are never privy to what that theory may have been, but we do know that the solo album wasn't exactly the most exciting release of 1991. Although Connelly surrounded himself with three different musicians, the tendency to sound a bit like his main band was unavoidable, particularly since he has one of those singing voices that is quite unmistakable. However, the differences between his solo project and Nuclear Assault was mostly found in the more rock oriented song structures, timid adventurism (the band sounds like they want to really go into left field but never make it past the short stop), and occasional humor. Though the band has chops, the songs are distinctly unmemorable. There is a straight faced cover of the hard rock radio classic, "Hold Your Head Up", complete with vintage organ, but beyond that, very little sticks out. As with many side projects, I suspect that it was a lot of fun for the musicians to play, but that doesn't always translate into a fantastic experience for the listener. Nevertheless, I did get this for a dollar. I wouldn't suggest paying more though.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 08/2002

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