The Teardrop Trio

Joshua - The Teardrop Trio ©2001 Does Everyone Stare?
1. What Love Requires
2. This Past September
3. Bruise Your Vanity

I question the wisdom of christening your band "Joshua". The single-name as band-name was never cool, and it seems to me that James, Brad, and Travis make music as forgetable and creatively frozen as their band names. And, for god's sakes, if a pitiful fourteen minute playing time - the musical equivalent of a shrug - doesn't bring out the cynic in me, I might as well have my toes tagged.

If Joshua have committed two sins, then the actual music of The Teardrop Trio is redeeming. The three songs commit to smooth, slow to mid-paced pop with impressive vocals, nice little washes of keyboards, and neat Kerouacian lyrics like "We're lying faceless adrift in the night/And what more will it take just to realize/This is not our idea of paradise/And I can feel the breaking inside/There's so much more to life than to be alive/I wish that I could say this to her tonight." The best, surely, is "What Love Requires," a beautiful semi-epic that clocks in just under six minutes, with soaring vocal lines, a lot of honey, and just bubbling beneath total melodrama. The second "This Past September" follows similar cues, while the final track, "Bruise Your Vanity" breaks the spell somewhat with a sugary bounce that reminds one of the dreaded Sloan. It too, alas, won me over.

As cliched as it must sound, The Teardrop Trio, with its driving, melodic opulence, sits squarely between the elegance and enthusiasm of Sunny Day Real Estate's How It Feels To Be Something On and the very progressive and AOR-like sheen of The Rising Tide. The flags, in other words, have been raised, and I look forward to hearing more material from this band.

Review by Lee Steadham

Review date: 07/2001

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