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Judgement Of Paris - Conversion ©1992 Projekt Archive
1. Windswept
2. Anything
3. Untied
4. Answer
5. Sixteen
6. Conversion
7. Reign
8. The Lessons
9. Balance
10. Spheres Of Influence
11. One
12. Thirteen Months
13. Twelve
14. Denial Part One
15. These Waves
16. Denial Part Two
17. Denial Part Three
18. Eleven
19. Thread
20. Shell

The band's sound is somewhat similar to Dead Can Dance without the vocal acrobatics. Their music is a very serene and calming entity, relying on a whole spectrum of musical instruments to get their sound across. Vocals are sparse throughout, but are highly appropriate when they are used. This album is the kind of precious album you put on late at night with someone you love, to share a tender moment together with candles burning. The mood created is the kind of sound you can fall in love to. The slightly exotic nature of the music matched with the intense warmth make this such an incredibly precious record. Conversion simply demands to be played as a whole and is very quick in converting you into a fan of the music. Robust and alive, magic and deeply inviting, Judgement of Paris' Conversion is truly an overlooked gem that is finally being given a second chance.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 06/2000

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Judgement Of Paris - Signal ©1994 Projekt Archive
1. More
2. Grind
3. Signal One
4. Bridge
5. Motion
6. Still
7. Luminous
8. Blurred
9. Signal Two
10. The Mine
11. The Crossing
12. Tangent
13. Signal Zero

Taking off precisely where Conversion ended, Judgement of Paris' 1994 release Signal is another warm, sensual and wonderful reissue from Projekt Archives. The 2000 reissues also includes four tracks from an released EP called Tangent. As with their earlier release Conversion, Judgement of Paris dwells within the realm of music not too dissimilar from Dead Can Dance, with a wealth of warm electronics, exotic instrumentation and a sense of lush atmosphere nearly unparallelled. Much of the music relies on quiet and often instrumental passages to exude their dreamlike warmth. A couple of the numbers, including "Blurred" are nearly upbeat and peppy for this outfit, who rely much on drawn out notes and sounds for their music. The four unreleased tracks are very much in the same vein as the rest of the band's music, with "Mine" being one of the more bouncy numbers with some interesting keyboard and percussion work. "The Crossing" also features more percussion than some of their other work.

And as with Conversion, Judgement of Paris is consistent, satisfying and wholly a wonderful listen. Unlike other bands in this general collage of genre, there is a such an immediacy and overwhelming sense of comfort with their music that it does not take long for it to become a late night listen. Projekt has done quite the favor for reissuing and essentially introducing us to one of the obviously more neglected bands of the 90s. Do yourself a favor and get both reissues today.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 08/2000

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