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Image Is Everything

Jughead's Revenge - Image Is Everything ©1996 Nitro
1. Parliament Of Whores
2. Tearing Down The World
3. Image Is Everything
4. Pain
5. Forever
6. For Once In My Life
7. The People's Pal
8. Environmental Scam
9. Your Only Dreaming
10. I Remember
11. Neuvocation
12. Hellvis
13. Inside Of You
14. One For The Bouncers
15. Skag Up My Ass
16. Play With Fire

With Image is Everything, Jughead's Revenge proves beyond a sliver of a doubt that substance doesn't particularly count for much in the poppunk realm. The band's attempt at fast paced, semi-melodic Pennywise-ish approach to music finds them high on adrenaline and tempo, but short on original ideas. With the exception of the clever juxtaposition of Elvis Presley standards over the music of Misfits' "London Dungeon" ("Hellvis"), Image is Everything is a blur of unremarkable and barely perfunctory 90s punk rock. The band has a couple approaches: fast and faster. However, this hardly makes for dynamic, interesting or engaging music, even when you consider this type of music is supposed to be straightforward and basic to begin with. Even those with low expectations might be disappointed in how entirely bland and pointless this album is. I'm certain young boys who are out for a moshpit might make this good concert background music, but the appeal ends there.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 07/2002

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