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Khold - Phantom ©2002 Moonfog
1. Death Crop
2. Bringer Of Fate
3. Witchcraft In Loom
4. Phantom
5. From Grave To Gloom
6. Dead Birds' Song
7. Butcher's Oak
8. Words In Flames
9. Wandering

Khold blows.

No, really, they do. Let's just face it. This derivative, unimaginative "grim" and "cold" black metal is about as interesting as watching cows graze in a barren field. On a second thought, that's not quite accurate. You can at least make mooing sounds at the cows. When listening to Phantom, the only thing you can do is either eject the CD or turn off the stereo, because if you don't, you will be snoozing within minutes. Phantom is narcolepsy put to disc.

So what's so wrong with Khold? After all, they are at least competent at their instruments and the production is befitting of a cold, dismal Moonfog artist. But competency and adequate sound quality can only go so far when the songs are as stirring as watching the threads on your carpet grow. Khold must think they are clinical, calculating and, of course, grim with Phantom, but they're not. This may very well be the only album that makes Satyricon's last album sound like a trip to the carnival. The songs plod along like an ancient horse ambling through a pasture, complete with road apples. There is scant sign of innovation, decent songwriting or ideas that haven't already been done to death. Heck, the ideas they're using weren't even that good to begin with. This is music as sterile as a steer and with the audio nutrional value of a stalk of celery. Without dipping sauce, of course. This is the kind of black metal release that waters down a style that is already brimming with uninteresting acts merely imitating second or third generation artists.

Stop the madness! Khold blows!

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 08/2002

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