Sweet Lick Of Fire

Kick - Sweet Lick Of Fire ©2001 Noise
1. Kaleidoscopic Eyes
2. Inhibition
3. Sweet Lick Of Fire
4. Time
5. Born Again
6. Behind Closed Doors
7. Where I Belong
8. Praying For The Day
9. So Help Me God
10. Painless
11. The Greatest Show On Earth

Kick is a band from the UK that plays a melodic blend of progressive rock and arena rock. Imagine a more melodic version of the Scorpions, Loverboy, Kiss or Def Leppard. This is their second album and they pulled out the stops and really let loose on this disc.

The music on this disc sounds like a poppy version of Def Leppard. It provides a straight forward assault of catchy melodies and big choruses. It has an 80s feel on the heavier elements and comes complete with the requisite power ballad a la the Scorpions. The end result is a melodic hard rock / metal that is enjoyable in its own right. There is certainly no new ground broken here on this disc, but sometimes the comforts of the familiar outweigh our desire to go exploring.

The opening track, "Kaleidoscopic Eyes" is a great power metal track that really shows off the band's style and talent. The disc does not venture much further from this point, but lyrically the album is deeper than a first listen might indicate. For those who enjoy progressive rock and are looking for something with more of an edge to it, this disc deserves your attention.

Review by Matthew Braymiller

Review date: 09/2001

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