Kid With Man Head

Fond Memories Of Halibut Rodeo...

Kid With Man Head - Fond Memories Of Halibut Rodeo... ©2000 24-7 Records
1. Face Down
2. Superstar
3. She Won't Sleep With Me
4. Blue Skies In A Bottle
5. Found
6. Sand In My Hair

Not just another band with a long, odd name, Kid With Man Head is also a band who barely stands out from the poppy punk world with their upbeat and melodic music that is definitely within the same vein as Ten Foot Pole. This six song EP compiles four tracks that were mixed by Greg Graffin (the only noteworthy thing about them) and two songs that appeared on earlier full lengths. Kid With Man Head is competent by all means, but hardly able to stand apart from the rest of the quivering masses of bands of the same ilk. Of the six songs, nothing really leaps out and screams, "I'm energetic and you will want to trash your bedroom with me as background music!" It might convince you to toss a wadded up piece of paper towards the general direction of the wastebasket, but that's the extent of it. I suppose fans of the style who wouldn't mind having a more melodic and less angular Ten Foot Pole might find interest here, but this won't crossover to the more discerning fan.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 02/2001

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