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Just In Case We'll Never Meet Again (Soundtrack For the Cassette Generation)

Klimt 1918 - Just In Case We'll Never Meet Again (Soundtrack For the Cassette Generation) ©2008 Prophecy Productions
1. The Breathtaking Days (Via Lactea)
2. Skygazer
3. Ghost Of A Tape Listener
4. The Graduate
5. Just An Interlude In Your Life
6. Just In Case We'll Never Meet Again
7. Suspense Music
8. Disco Awayness
9. Atget
10. All Summer Long
11. True Love Is The Oldest Fear

The oddly named Italian band Klimt 1918 has been putting out records every few years for the past decade. Their style has gotten peripherally associated with the metal world mostly due to their presence on the Prophecy Productions roster, but they easily should be considered within the modern "indie rock" world with a solid nod to their very prominent 80s influences. Unlike a lot of the current indie rock bands chock full of hipsters who try to dress like Urkel and appear to have more disdain for the music than passion, Klimt 1918 is an impressive band who know their way around a good song. Just In Case We'll Never Meet Again is a quite enjoyable affair, managing to reel off good track after good track without any sense of pretention or world weariness.

Klimt 1918 obviously spent their formative listening years glued to the best of the 80s post-rock type of bands. While they are not directly ripping off that style, the general overall feel is one that lovingly incorporates some of the modern/college/post-rock sounds of the 80s. In particular, their soaring leads stand out. The bass playing creates a strong undercurrent, not terribly unlike what Fields of Nephilim did (despite sounding nothing like that band, but you get the picture, right?). Klimt 1918 manages to sound both forlorn and hopeful at the same time. As the album progresses, the songs seem to gain strength and pull the listener in. By the time of the outstanding "Suspense Music", one should be entirely hooked.

The album's title is a subtle hint that those who may have grown up with Sony Walkmen and got most of our music on cassettes will find something to love here. This album has been on my constant playlist since finding it recently. An outstanding effort.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 10/2011

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