Korovakill - Waterhells ©2001 Red Stream
1. Birth
2. Waterhells
3. Drown Symphony
4. Into The Underwhirls
5. The Bleeding Lap Of Undines
6. Blue Thrones
7. All Statues Leave Their Stones
8. The Shadowwhordes
9. It's A Fool's World
10. Lord Golden Blizzard
11. Within The Sunstorm
12. Through Neptune's Broken Nets

After the band's Dead Like An Angel, Korova broke up for a period of time. Circumstances and creative energies intervened and the group, down to a trio, reformed as Korovakill, a little play on their original name. Despite the name change, the group wasted little time in continuing down their path of weirdo metal and quite successfully.

Waterhells is a concept album dealing with drowning fishermen. It is, as with any concept release, up to each individual listener to determine if the storyline holds up over the course of the disc. However, there is obviously a watery theme holding the CD together. Unlike Ocean Machine, another liquidy band, the music itself doesn't sound particularly watery, but their music does stand up well in general. As Korova, the band tried very hard to be as weird and avant garde as possible with mixed results. Their debut was a mess, but Dead Like an Angel turned out much better and often unsettling bizarre. Waterhells doesn't overexert itself to show off weirdness. Instead, it's a very natural sounding record that doesn't seemed forced into existence by a band determined to outweird anyone else. Much of the black metal influence of their past has been subliminated very deep into the music. Rather, what the band offers now has slight roots in gothy metal, but tends to genre hop more like Sigh (without making as concerted of an effort). Often the band sticks to fairly simple riffs and song structure, which gets their point across much more handily than going completely bonkers. Keyboards, female voices and effects are liberally applied throughout, giving a lot of depth to the music.

Waterhells is not an immediate album, beyond maybe realizing one enjoys the CD but needs more time to listen to it. Korovakill still is hovering in the long shadows cast by Arcturus and Sigh, but they are constantly improving and becoming more interesting as time passes.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 12/2002

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