Kotipelto - Coldness ©2004 Century Media
1. Seeds Of Sorrow
2. Reasons
3. Around
4. Can You Hear The Sound
5. Snowbound
6. Journey Back
7. Evening's Fall
8. Coldness Of My Mind
9. Take Me Away
10. Here We Are
11. Reasons (video)

Most of our European readers are certainly familiar with the Eurovision contest, that otherworldly event in which most European countries send an artist or group to perform a song on their country's behalf and judge other countries' songs. As can be expected from such a uniting, patriotic premise, Eurovision songs are typically bracing, ultra melodic, very catchy, and antiseptic - in particular when they come from north of, say, Hamburg. Europe's Great White North's penchant for bombastic anthems permeates all musical genres, and Kotipelto, of Stratovarius fame, certainly delivers a truckload of catchy, fist-pumpin' anthems with inspirational lyrics, fast chugga-chugga guitar rhythms, and a cute accent.

So what does Coldness sound like, you ask? Well, it sounds a lot like Kotipelto's former melodic power metal band, with an emphasis on songwriting and significantly fewer crazy instrumental keyboard and guitar parts. Not to worry, though: Kotipelto enlisted Symphony X's gonzo lead guitarist Michael Romeo to perform a dozen short but tasteful and oh-my-god-how-many-fingers-does-he-have guitar solos, and the relatively discreet keyboard sections courtesy of Children of Bodom's Janne Wirman certainly do not disappoint.

In a very crowded and tired genre, Kotipelto does a good job writing songs that are legitimately catchy and more than adequate from an artistic point of view. His vocal melodies and chord progressions can certainly reach very high levels of predictability and trigger feelings of nausea and despair ("Snowbound", "Take Me Away", "Can You Hear the Sound"), but on the whole, the better songs on the album ("Here We Are", "Seeds of Sorrow") amply make up for the less inspired moments. Besides, this is a power metal album, and it would be unfair - nay, preposterous - to expect the music to be original and innovative.

Review by Rog The Frog Billerey-Mosier

Review date: 06/2004

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