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The Church EP

Krieg - The Church EP ©2001 Cicatrix
1. Destruction Ritual
2. To Wander The Stars
3. The Ancients Dwell Beneath
4. As Graveyard Rites, As Darkness Fell
5. To Wander The Stars

Considering this country is rightfully becoming known as the Evil Empire, you think that United States' black metal bands would do a better job of representing. In the case of Krieg, you get some of the absolutely most abysmal black metal that you may come across for quite some time. There's a reason why the underground black metal scene has very little respect by most music fans. Amateurish bands such as Krieg do nothing but clog up CD racks with poorly written, recorded and executed music. On a whole it simply waters down the scene, which does contain a healthy selection of truly impressive artists who transcend this base level garbage.

Krieg exists within a style known for being raw and primitive. Unfortunately, raw equals musically inexperienced and primitive is synonymous with slovenly. When presented with justly deserved criticism, fans of this sort of black metal fall back on empty debates about the "aesthetics" of the music demand this sort of production and sound. All those arguments demonstrate is their desperate need to justify supporting bad music. Unfortunately, they still ignore the fact that bands such as Krieg are incapable of creating anything but a vapid outline of the music which served as influence. On this EP, Krieg flounders through five tracks of fuzzy, riffless guitar splattered over whatever fast paced drum pattern happened to be recorded. Composition requires a bit more than distortion, garage recording quality and raspy, distorted vocals. Ildjarn is perhaps the only outfit that can get away with being this raw sounding. Krieg, on the other hand, sounds like a completely lost black metal fan given a guitar and some studio time. None of these songs present more than a complete lack of ability. Black metal's entry level is fairly low, making it sort of the "punk rock" of our era (which of course should incite the most thickheaded fans), but Krieg can't even perform at that threshold. One would hope this EP is a joke, but unfortunately, it's most likely a serious endeavor, which makes it all that much more pitiful.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 09/2003

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