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La Motta - La Motta ©2002 Does Everyone Stare?
1. Night Sun
2. Love California
3. Millionaire
4. Noho Outlaw
5. Harry's Plan
6. Spitfire
7. Mustang
8. Sparkle
9. Tunnel Vision
10. Black Sugar

Considering that La Motta has the connections to get Joey Santiago (ex-Pixies legend) to help with some session guitar, you'd think this band's debut album would be a rip-roaring festival of nonstop manic fun.

It's not. Far from it, in fact.

La Motta is a three piece at its core and they play a style of alt-rock that is lifeless and dull. Perhaps it is the vocals of Sean Friesen that venture too closely to Billy Corgan territory, which is never a good thing. Maybe it's the fact the songs are that mid tempo guitar rock songs that you can hear most any so-called alternative band on the radio play. It could very well be the fact that these songs are completely uninteresting. La Motta does nothing to stand out from the crowd with their music. This sort of thing is not a dime a dozen, but a nickel a dozen since the playing field is so crowded. One has to do more than throw together chords on a guitar to stand out. If you're going to do a style that sounds like you've had alt-rock playing in one ear and Social Distortion in the other, you have to dress up the songs with either the catchiest melodies, hooks and riffs known to mankind or do something that is a little more unique. La Motta does none of these things and thus becomes yet another one of those bands who could fade into the woodwork and never be noticed again.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 02/2003

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