La Rumeur des Chaînes

La Rumeur des Chaînes EP

La Rumeur des Chaînes - La Rumeur des Chaînes EP ©2005 Self Released
1. L'encre et la plume
2. Erythème
3. Le Baptistère

La Rumeur des Chaînes is an obscure, one-off French band that managed to release a single ambitious EP before disappearing back into the European countryside. It's a shame this project didn't last more than this brief half hour EP as it showed a considerable amount of creativity and inventiveness. Their sound could be described as symphonic black metal, but that would lump it alongside the likes of Dimmu Borgir and every irritating band that thinks having a keyboard player makes them majestic. Rather, La Rumeur des Chaînes allows themselves to wander a lot more and not stick to any specific formula within these three tracks.

The odd thing about this EP is if you listened to the first five minutes of the opening track, you'd just think, "Gee whiz, Professor, these guys kind of sound like Bal-Sagoth, minus the trendy sunglasses!". And in fact, that description would not be too far off, but by the sixth minute the band unleashes their symphonic sensibilities. Orchestration abounds and La Rumeur des Chaînes manages to incorporate it in a way that automatically invokes the feeling of Black Metal Triumph. There's really no point in this style of music without the sense of triumph. The song becomes a soundtrack to a stirring film presumably about a major quest involving impressive feats of courage and perseverance. The second song, "Erythème", offers up another surprise with an intro that has its foundation in swing and big band music. Unlike Diablo Swing Orchestra, this doesn't come across as a novelty approach. The band is quite adept at creating a flow within the songs, offering good arrangements that keep the lengthy songs from seeming tedious.

This curiosity has likely been overlooked by most fans. The band channels some of the experimentalism of Arcturus (circa 1997), sidesteps Bal-Sagoth goofiness and manages to create a very solid, engaging EP. It is a shame that this project apparently did not stick around to create any more albums under the La Rumeur des Chaînes name.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 01/2012

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