Lazy American Workers

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Surf Lake Erie

Lazy American Workers - Surf Lake Erie ©2003 Sin Klub Entertainment
1. Kick It, Workers!
2. The Tattoo Guru
3. Big Radio Hit
4. Nobody Bags Bruce Dickinson!
5. Whudja Call Me?!
6. The Empty Glass
7. Windian
8. Tip Of The Day
9. Asphalt Commando
10. Hens Are Downtown
11. Surf Lake Erie
12. Revenge Of The Nerds
13. American Dream
14. The Trooper

A simple rule of thumb: if a side project contains a member of Gwar, avoid at all costs. We've already been subjected to the entirely mediocre Dave Brockie Experience. Now we have bassist Todd Evans providing us with a completely slovenly, lackluster punk outfit called Lazy American Workers. Possibly the only positive thing one can say about Surf Lake Erie is that it doesn't last longer than twenty minutes. In that twenty minutes, Lazy American Workers prove that they are fully incapable of writing music that deserves to be heard by anyone willing to part with their hard earned money. The music is fast, dumbpunk trying all at once to be ironic, goofy and in that "Hey, we're just bros" vibe Pennywise successfully captures. Unfortunately, the songs are sloppy, redundant, tuneless and faceless. All this band does is play fast without any sort of precision and spout off rants about whatever joke subject comes to mind. Sure, this band may be there for a cheap larf, but it's at the expense of anyone who might pick this up due to the Gwar connection. Absolute drivel.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 11/2003

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