The Wreckoning

Leakh - The Wreckoning ©2000 Prophecy Productions
1. First Chapter
2. Storm
3. Dead Drunk
4. Darkland Mist
5. Black Dress
6. Amphetamine
7. Dots And Lines
8. A Devil Inside
9. One Day

You simply have to be careful when you're attempting to make emotionally stirring goth-edged music. There is a fine line between heartfelt, soul aching music and silly melodrama that completely washes out the original intent of the music. Sweden's Leakh toes that line so finely that you never quite know which side they will fall with The Wreckoning. The album features a very minimalistic, stark and vacant sound. With most songs being based around clean and acoustic guitars being abjectly strummed with sparse percussion sprinkled throughout, the initial sound is unique and stirring. The biggest issue you'll have with Leakh are the vocals, which are wailing and overblown quite a bit. Think Carl McCoy from Fields of the Nephilim as a movie coyote and you are halfway there. While the intent is obviously to show precisely how sad and tortured his heart is, Jimmy Coven's howl comes across as far too much spice for the broth. Depending on your mood, this can either be tolerated or be exceptionally trying. It's common to find yourself captured by the bleakness of the guitars, only to be interrupted by Jimmy's wailing. "Shut it!" may be the common epithet hollered at your stereo speakers.

That said, Leakh does have a unique sound that captures a certain morose feeling that not many others can find. Aside from cringing at the silliness of the vocals, The Wreckoning has the potential to be a great record for the chronically blackclad listeners out there. Hopefully next time around Leakh will restrain themselves a little in the vocal department and present an album that isn't quite so over the top in melodramatics.

Review by John Chedsey

Review date: 10/2000

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